Wed. 3/11 The Draw/Page 6 News/Musical Improv Jam

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Wed. 3/11 The Draw/Page 6 News/Musical Improv Jam

Every Wednesday from 7:30-10pm we have on stage  back-to-back sets of improv, who’s casts are drawn each week! We’ll follow those shows with the all new Page 6 News, and wrap up the night with a Musical Improv Jam-Where we give YOU an opportunity to hop on stage with our improvisers!             Love it and want to learn the art?  Sign up for a class!

7:30-8:40pm-Fresh casts each week!

9pm- Page 6 News: Scott, Kris, Amanda, Brad, Hannah,Stefanie D., Ben, Chris S.

The Dayton Daily News has been in print since 1898 and  in those 120+ years there have been a lot of interesting stories that didn’t quite make the front page. Page Six news gives those stories a second life with a date suggestion from the audience to select an edition of the Dayton Daily News to inspire the shows improv.





Photography By: Brad Shaffer & Chase Burdurka

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