Thurs. 3/12 Carousel/Texts From Last Night/Director’s Cut & Improv Jam

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Thurs. 3/12 Carousel/Texts From Last Night/Director’s Cut & Improv Jam

8pm-Carousel Show: Derek, Gabe, Teelin, Aaron, Chad, Dan, Alec, Max

The name of our all-male team may change every week, but the improv does not! You give us a word, any word, and we weave scene after scene with each based on the one that came before! We keep going around and around until the lights go out just like a carousel — on a roller coaster — in a haunted house.

8:30pm- Texts From Last Night: Katy P., Hannah, Othalia, Portland, Stephani R., Erin, Katie G.

Regrettable text messages from the website Texts from Last Night become the inspiration for hilarious improv scenes from an energetic cast.

9pm-Director’s Cut: Trae, Garrett, Philo, Danielle, Bryan L., Erin, Jonathan.

Join the Director’s Cut as they perform an improvised movie (including all the parts that should be edited out). The absurdity of all those things we take for granted when we watch movies will be dragged to the forefront as the cast of Improvisors gives you a glimpse into the lives of characters who are just trying to live in a world full of movie tropes.

9:45pm-Improv Jam: Open to public participation!




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