Every Wednesday:

The Stack followed by a Musical Improv Jam (open to the public)

Every Wednesday from 7:30-10pm we have on stage for you back-to-back sets of improv all night, followed by a Musical Improv Jam.  We’ll give YOU an opportunity to hop on stage with our improvisers for a timed period and let you have a shot at some improv- all  accompanied by a pianist to give us some melodies! Want to learn the art?  Sign up for a class!

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Thursday’s are a part of the new weekend line-up!

Every Thursday:

Every Thursday from 8-10pm we’ll open the night with a volunteer interviewee from the audience.  If you’d like to be interviewed, come with an open mind and remember to elaborate on (true) stories.  The more detail the better the show! And the stories don’t need to be funny, so you don’t have to try.  We’ll do that part! After the interview, we’ll bastardize your life for about 45min. Doesn’t that sound like a dream??  After the intermission we present to you the Netflix Show.  How many of you spend as much time searching for something to watch as you would actually watching a movie?  We’re going to help you by reading an obscure movie description right from the app, and give our own version of the show! How will we choose? We’ll play the numbers game with your help!

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Every Friday:

I think we can all agree that mom’s run the home like a business, and that makes for the best stories.  We are the nurses, chefs, chauffeurs, organizers and schedule makers. We’ve seen it all. On Fridays, we’ll feature a mom to tell stories of all the glory of the household chaos.  From stupid things they’ve done to the stupid things they’ve seen. Make it a ladies night- bring the empathy and the wine!

Stick around after the show because it’s jam time!  We’ll give YOU an opportunity to hop on stage with our improvisers for a timed period and let you have a shot at some improv! Love it and want to learn the art?  Sign up for a class!

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Reverse Mortgage/Improvised Musical:

Reverse Mortgage? Yep! The Black Box’s most seasoned Improvisers take the stage for the first half of the night, and they start to show at the END and work their way back to the beginning! 😀 Then after the intermission…..Welcome to Dayton’s favorite improvised show: The Improvised Musical with Trey Stone & The Black Box Band  Trey was the former music director of The Second City Chicago, and now, he’s ours! He leads the Black Box Band; Josephine Boltin on percussion & Bryan Lakatos of the local band ‘Shrug’ on bass. On stage we have for you our top hand-picked cast to bring you the lyrics, melody, and scene building skills that make up this impressive show!

**Improvised Musicals schedules are subject to change, as Trey Stone tours the country with comedy legends.**

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