Wed. 3/11 The Draw/Page 6 News/Musical Improv Jam

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Every Wednesday from 7:30-10pm we have on stage  back-to-back sets of improv, who’s casts are drawn each week! We’ll follow those shows with the all new Page 6 News, and wrap up the night with a Musical Improv Jam-Where we give YOU an opportunity to hop on stage with our improvisers!             Love it and want to learn the art?  Sign up for a class!

7:30-8:40pm-Fresh casts each week!

9pm- Page 6 News: Scott, Kris, Amanda, Brad, Hannah,Stefanie D., Ben, Chris S.

The Dayton Daily News has been in print since 1898 and  in those 120+ years there have …

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Thurs. 3/12 Carousel/Texts From Last Night/Director’s Cut & Improv Jam

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8pm-Carousel Show: Derek, Gabe, Teelin, Aaron, Chad, Dan, Alec, Max

The name of our all-male team may change every week, but the improv does not! You give us a word, any word, and we weave scene after scene with each based on the one that came before! We keep going around and around until the lights go out just like a carousel — on a roller coaster — in a haunted house.

8:30pm- Texts From Last Night: Katy P., Hannah, Othalia, Portland, Stephani R., Erin, Katie G.

Regrettable text messages from the website Texts from Last Night become the inspiration for hilarious improv …

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Fri 3/13 Shows Suspended

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8pm BYOB

Grab Bag Show by ‘We Are Low Hanging Fruit’: Kevin, Jimmy, Ryan, John, Emily, Aidan, Molly, Tyler

Eight seasoned improvisers. Ten great show formats. One grab bag. This show is improv at its purest… Ten show formats, including some never before seen on the Black Box stage, go into a hat, and our cast of premier performers picks one at random just for you. From an improvised courtroom drama to a town meeting to a celebrity Twitter throwdown, you’ll never see the same thing two weeks in a row! 

Strictly Platonic, A Two-Person Show: Aidan Mewha & Tyler Benedict

Tyler and Aidan, …

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Sat 3/14 Shows Suspended

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Doors open 30 minutes prior to showtime & BYOB

Reverse Mortgage? Yep! The Black Box’s most seasoned improvisers take the stage for the first half of the night, and they’ll get inspiration for scenes from audience stories or just a one word suggestion.

After the break we return with Dayton’s favorite improvised show: The Improvised Musical with Trey Stone.  Trey was the former music director of The Second City Chicago, and now, he’s ours! He leads the Black Box Band; Josephine Boltin on percussion & Bryan Lakatos of the local band ‘Shrug’ on bass. On stage we have for you our top …

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